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Can I create a Private Registration Program?


You can create a private/hidden Registration hiding the Public Registration page and emailing the Program's direct link to that page just to the people you wish to register into it.

1. Create a Program

2. Remove the Registration tab from the Public Home Page Menu

  • Go to Content > Configurations > Site Pages and right click the desired pre-built Registration page to remove from Menu.
      • Note: The Programs page is a pre-built page, so deleting it will not delete any content. When needed you can easily re-add the page by right clicking the Menu Pages selecting the Standard option and re-adding the pre-built Program page.
  • Here is a help video on how to use the Site Pages:

3. Remove the Program from Public Home Page

  • Go to Programs > Manage Programs and make sure the checkbox highlight.jpg on the row for the private Program is not checked.  This ensures that it is not displayed on your Home Page.
  • Note: Make sure the eye icon is toggled to green, so the Program will be visible to the desired Recipients.
  • Note: On the 1 Setup page under the Program Description box, there is a checkbox to hide the "More Info" page -- make sure that is NOT checked because that is the page that will display when you send out the link.

4.  Email the private Program's link to the desired Recipients

  • Go to Communications > Send Communication.
  • Click the checkbox(es) for the desired Communication List(s) to email the program link to.
  • Use the Links drop down on the Create Message page toolbar to select your desired Program.
  • Click the Send Now button.
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