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Can I create a Private Registration Program?


You can create a private/hidden Registration hiding the Public Registration page and emailing the Program's direct link to that page just to the people you wish to register into it.

1. Create Program.

2. Remove Registration tab from the Home Page Menu.

  • Go to Content > Configurations > Site Pages and right click the desired pre-built Registration page to remove from Menu.
  • Here is a help video on how to use the Site Pages:

3. Remove Program from Home Page.

  • Go to Programs > Manage Programs and make sure the checkbox highlight.jpg on the row for the private Program is not checked. This ensures that it is not displayed on your Home Page.
  • Note: Make sure the eye icon is toggled to green, so the Program will be visible to the desired Recipients.
  • Note: On the 1 Setup page, under the Program Description box, there is a checkbox to hide the "More Info" page -- make sure that is NOT checked because that is the page that will display when you send out the link.

4.  Email the private Program's link to desired Recipients:

  • Go to Communications > Send Communication.
  • Select desired Custom Contact List to email the link to.
  • Use the Links drop down on the Create Message page toolbar to select your desired Program.
  • Click the Send button.
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