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How to do a Partial Refund


How to do a Partial Refund:

Note: If you are using WePay for your Payment Gateway, the Service Fees are only refunded for Full Refunds not Partial Refunds.

1. Navigate to the Customer's Account Overview:

  • From the Admin Site Map, go to the Account Management > Search page.
  • Input the appropriate search criteria and click the Search button.
  • Click on the correct customer's name from the returned list to go to the Account Overview page.
  • Click on the spy glass icon to view the order you want to refund.
    • If you need to remove any Add-Ons for the order. Click the red x next to the desired Add-On.

2. Process the Refund:

  • On the Customer's Account Overview page, click the Add Transaction button.
  • For Transaction Type, use the drop down to select Refund - Credit Card then choose the correct order to refund.
    • Note: If the order is greater than 120 days old (ie. 4 months), you cannot refund the order.  This is a protection put in place by credit card companies to prevent fraud. In this case, select Refund - Manual and write a check.
    • Note: If the credit card refund is to be issued on the same or the next day of when the order was placed, you will not see the order number and need to wait a day or two to issue the refund as the credit card payment will need to clear prior to being able to issue a refund to your customer.
  • Enter the desired Amount.
    • Note: You would need to adjust the amount if you are going to charge a cancellation fee.  Ex. If the enrollment is $100 and there is a $10 cancellation fee, then the Amount to be refunded should be $90.
  • Add any Comments keeping in mind that these are visible to the customer.
  • Click the Add button.
  • The refund has now been issued to your customer and you will see the transaction on the Account Overview page.
    • Note: Refunds take about 2-3 business days typically, it can take more or less time depending on the customer's bank.

3. Balance the Account:

Note: For Partial Refunds where the enrollment is not canceled, there will still be a balance. Once you have done the Refund-Credit card, you will also need to do a Misc Credit (Add Transaction > Misc-Credit) in order to balance the account to zero.







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