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December 18th Enhancements Notification


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For immediate release: December 18th, 2019

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Helene Harris at (916) 822-4800 or (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1

December 18th Enhancements Notification 


We will implement our final Release of 2019 TeamSideline system enhancements on Wednesday night, December 18th.  In addition to the items below, we have also made many other improvements throughout the site thanks to your feedback.  If you have more feedback, please email

Site Content Builder Upgrade!

A state of the art drag and drop content builder is coming to town!  Well, more specifically it's being added to your TeamSideline Site in this release if you are using our Mobile Responsive Sites.  And you better watch out because it enables you to create magazine-style content with complete layout freedom.  Just go to Content > Page Edit, click the blue “Switch to Content Builder” button to switch to the new Content Builder Mode.  You can then access all the cool features by just clicking the arrow tab on the right side of the page to access customizable, single or multi-column content with headlines, articles, pictures, buttons, lists and lots more.  Plus the content is automatically responsive, so it looks great on any device.  It has everything you need to quickly create beautiful online content in your TeamSideline Site. 

Stay tuned – in early 2020 we are deploying this same drag and drop content builder to the email template system in your Site so you can create and send out great looking communications to your customers.

Team Site Mobile App Upgrades

Over the next few days we will be deploying Player Attendance functionality as well as several Family & Friends related functions to the Team Site Mobile Apps.

Stay tuned – next up is a Chat Messaging function that is currently being built for Android and iPhone versions of the Team Site Apps. 

Upcoming Games Gadget – Enhanced!!

Now you can display a simple, clean list of upcoming games on your Site.  The list also has a link to a Google map in case people don’t know how to get to a particular game location.  To enable this feature, change the Upcoming Games Gadget to display in a list view instead of the scrolling view.  Go to Content > Configurations > General, scroll down to the last section of the page (Upcoming Games Gadget) and change Style to List.  Click the Save button and then check out your home page.  As a reminder, you can also show the Division (Show Division=Yes) in the Games Gadget and if you are using our Officials Module, you can show the official(s) assigned to each game (Show Officials=Yes).

New Public Calendar View 

The public page calendar views have been enhanced with the Agenda view which allows a week’s worth of calendar events to be listed by line in a simple table layout.  Your customers can easily see this view by clicking on Agenda on either your overall Organization calendar or on the calendar for any Location. 

Enrollment and Custom Fields – Phone Numbers 

You will now be able to create either an Enrollment Field or Custom Field as a phone number.  This allows your customers to provide you with a formatted phone number during the registration process if you want and eliminates alpha characters being input into the phone number fields.

Enrollment Information Report 

The Enrollment Information Report will now contain the "Bill To" address fields.  This will enable admins to run reports that include both the Bill To and Customer Address fields to enable comparisons if needed.  An example would be to review these to see which customers are trying to get around paying non-resident fees. 

Membership Information Report

The Membership Information Report will now have available the Customer Address fields – Street, City, State and Zip.  Go to Reports > Report Exports and click on Membership Information to run the report.  If you are interested in learning more about adding the Membership Module to your site, just email

Please note that the downtime period to enable these enhancements (with the exception of the mobile app enhancements which will be deployed through the respective Android and iPhone app stores soon) will be from 10pm – midnight (PDT) on Wednesday night, December 18th.

We thank you for using TeamSideline!

Helene Harris
Customer Support
Direct: (916) 822-4800
Toll Free Support: (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1


About TeamSideline:

TeamSideline is a team of IT professionals with many years of experience working on major web applications for fortune 500 companies. We bring the same experience and excellence to TeamSideline with a passion for customer service.  TeamSideline provides web sites, scheduling, and registration services to customers throughout the US, from Maine to Florida, from Texas to California. Major customers include Park and Recreation Departments, and youth sports leagues including softball, baseball, soccer, and football.

TeamSideline prides itself on being a small company providing big company services. Your data is secure in a data center with 24/7 security. We do regular backups and maintain disaster recovery plans to keep your web site running - everything the big guys have.

TeamSideline partners with customers and provides new and enhanced features based on customer feedback on a regular basis. You'll never talk to someone who is in a remote call center or be relegated to email support. Instead, you'll get to know the TeamSideline team on a first name basis and know they are available when you need them.

As one of our customers said, "TeamSideline is the complete package - quality, price, and service.”

For more information:

Helene Harris at (916) 822-4800 or (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1




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