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COVID-19 Season FAQ's and Links


TeamSideline would like to support all of our Leagues and Organization's during these times. We have put this FAQ together in the hopes that it helps Admins quickly find the answers and resources they need. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Best Options for Spring 2021 Registration In Our Current Covid Environment:

Q: What are the options for having registration and payments for Spring 2021 Programs?

Option 1: On the 1 Setup page for the Program, set the "Multiple Payments" drop down to "Partial Pay".  This enables you to have registrants pay a partial payment of, for example, $15.  You can tell them the $15 is non-refundable.  Then if the League does not happen, you do not have to do refunds or turn off payment plans, and you have some money to cover operating expenses.  If the League does happen then people can sign in and easily pay the balance by credit card as referenced in Option 3 below.

Option 2: Instead of setting up registration to be paid by credit card immediately when a registration is done, you can setup a Payment Plan for each Program Offering.  The first payment on the Payment Plan could be a non refundable fee of $5.00 or more.  Then you could setup the first automatic payment after registration to be 60 or more days in the future so you can be more certain, one way or the other, of your Spring League.  This Option means you have no credit card refunds as long as you cancel the Payment Plans before the second (first automatic) payment.

Option 3: Instead of setting up registration to be paid by credit card immediately when a registration is done, you can configure the Program to have registration by "Check".  This configuration means 1) people can register, 2) people would be prompted to mail a check or do whatever you put in the "What To Do" field in the Programs > Configurations > General page, 3) if you reached a point in time where you were sure you were going to have  a Spring League, then registrants could sign in, click the red "Balance Due" image and pay the balance by credit card.

Email if you have questions.

How To Have A Covid Waiver Signed By Registrants From a Recent Registration Program:

Q: Is there an easy way to get the people who registered in a recent Program (like a Spring or Summer Program) to sign in an agree to a Covid Waiver?  We were thinking of using Google Docs but is there an easier way through TeamSideline?

A: Yes.  Easier and more efficient. 
1) Create a Program with your Covid Waiver. 
2) Create a Communication Template with a link to the Program for your Covid Waiver.
) Go to Send Communications and use the Advanced tab to send the communication template to people who registered in the recent program but have not registered in the Covid program. 
You can repeat this process and only send communications to those who have not registered into the Covid program.  
Email if you have questions.

How To Track Covid Stats of Event Attendees:

Q: Is there a way to document Covid-19 stats of people attending events?

A: Yes. When you have the Check-in upgrade, you can use these features:

Location Check-In

1 Go to Schedules > Locations > Manage Locations
2 Click on the Check-In icon for a location.
3 Click on the Enable Check-In button.
4 Select the Form from the dropdown, and click the Enable button.
5 Click the Print View button to print out a sheet for you to post with a QR code so your customers can quickly scan it, answer a few questions, and enter your facility.
6 Click the Test Check-In button to see what your customers will see.
7 Click the Admin Check-In button to check in your customers yourself.

Reporting the Location Check-In Data

1 Go to Reports > Report Exports.
2 Scroll down and click Check-In within the Schedule section.
3 Set your Date Range and click the Export button.

Communicating the Location Check-In Link

1 Go to Communications > Send Communication.
2 Select a distribution list.
3 Click the Next button
4 Enter an Email Subject.
5 Type in the Email Message.
6 When you are ready to add the link to a location's Check-In questions, highlight the appropriate text.
7 Click the Links dropdown.
8 Expand Location Check-In by clicking on the triangle and click on the location's name.
This will add the link to the Location Check-In so all your customers have to do is click on that link, answer the questions, and then check themselves in.


Cancellations & Refunds:

Q: Is there a way to Mass Cancel and Refund a Program?

A: There is not a way to mass cancel  and refund everyone's enrollment unfortunately. Click here for a help article on how to cancel and process refunds. 

Note: We are looking at ways to make this process easier in the future, but for now please use the above steps.

Q: Is there a faster way to cancel enrollments then individually looking up customers accounts?

A: Yes, go to Reports > Report Dashboards > Enrollments and click the Dashboard Configuration button to view all customers enrolled so you can click customer's names and cancel/refund customers.

Q: Can we refund by credit card if it has been more than 120 days?

A: Unfortunately because the 120 day limit is set by the Visa/Mastercard merchant underwriter, it is not a TeamSideline policy we can change.  After the 120 day limit, you will need to refund by check. 

 Q: Is there a fee or penalty for processing refunds via TeamSideline?

A: No, there are no cancellations or refund fees.

Payment Gateway:

Q: What if we have already deposited the money for the Program. How will we pay for the Refunds?

A: Process the refunds through your TeamSideline site as usual and have WePay initiate collection of funds. WePay will attempt to retrieve the funds each day at 5pm if your WePay account goes negative. If they are blocked from retrieving the funds, then they will send an email to your Organization requesting a check.

Transferring Enrollees From Spring 2020 to Fall 2020:

Q: How do I transfer my enrollees from my Spring 2020 Program to my Fall 202 Program if I had no teams formed, practices or games for Spring 2020?

A: We have found the easiest solution is to just rename the Program and change the season and start date. You can easily do this in the 1 Setup page. With the program updated for the Fall, all the registrants would be signed up and there would be no need to export and import the enrollments.

League and Division Schedules:

Q: How do we turn off Notifications to Team Sites as well as Scoring emails?

A: Go to Schedules > Leagues & Divisions and toggle the Division's visibility icons from green to red. This will stop all notification and scoring emails.

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