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New Site/New Admin Quickstart Guide


Welcome to TeamSideline! There are many ways to use our software, but below is the general outline for a new Admin with a brand new site:

Onboarding Process for New Site/New Admin:

  1. Site Review meeting: a brief meeting to touch base on how to log in and navigate the site. During this meeting, the main objective is to discuss use of the site and schedule a Registration Set Up meeting.
  2. Registration Setup meeting: an hour long meeting going over how to set up Registration based on your Organization's needs. 
  3. Scheduling meeting: This hour long meeting is generally scheduled close to the end of the registration process. During this meeting, Admins will learn how to create a schedule and customize it to their needs.
  4. Onboarding is complete! Admins are now able to navigate the site, manage their Programs, send emails and create schedules. Our wonderful support team is always available if you get stuck at

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