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Can I use the Program's Add-On option to deduct cost of Registration/Buy Item?


Yes! You can use the Buy Items "Variation" option to deduct from the cost of Registration or of the Buy Item itself.

To create an Add-On/Buy Item:

  1. Go to Programs > Configurations > Buy Items.
  2. Click the Add Buy Item button. 
  3. For Item Name, enter Item Name.
  4. For Item Description, enter brief Item Description.
  5. For Variable Cost, use the drop down to select No.
  6. For Item Cost, enter how much the Item Costs.
  7. For Item Image, click the Remove button to either upload your own image or choose from our Image Library.
  8. For Variations: Use Variations for Item options like different sizes, colors, or amount.
      • To add Variations: Use the drop down to select Yes
      • For Variation Description, enter description for the Variations you are adding. For example, you can enter a description that says "Select Item Size", "Select Item Color", or "Select Amount of Item."
  9.  Click the Save button, this will take you to the Variation tab.
  10. For Variation Name, enter the name of the Variation you are adding. For example, "Adult Small", "Red", or "5 Tickets."
  11. For Variation Value, enter a abbreviated description that will be used for reports. For example, "Adult Small" could be abbreviated to "AS" and "5 Tickets" could be abbreviated to "5T."
  12. For Cost Differential, enter how much the Variation will cost on top of the base cost of the Buy Item. Or enter how much the Variation will deduct from the base cost by entering the number as a negative number (i.e to deduct five dollars you would enter -5).
  13. Click the Add button.

 To add Add-On/Buy Item to Program

  1. Go to Programs > Manage Programs and select desired program. 
  2. Click on the 2 Configuration tab and scroll down to Add-Ons. 
  3. Click the Add Add-On button.
  4. Input desired data. 
  5. Click the Add button



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