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How do I view the documents my players uploaded during Registration?


If you used the Enrollment Field "File" option to grab documents during the registration process, you can view these uploaded documents under the player's enrollment.


How to view the Enrollment Field "File" by going to Player's account:

  • Go to Customers > Account Management > Search.
  • Search for the name of the person who registered.
  • When you see the name of the person who registered in the search results, click the linked name.
  • Go to the Enrollments tab and click the pencil icon to edit the desired Enrollment.
  • For the desired "File" Field, click the hyperlinked file to view the uploaded file.

How to use the Enrollment Dashboard to view Enrollment Field "File" for the Program:

  • Go to Reports > Report Dashboards > Enrollments.
  • Click the Dashboard Configuration button.
  • Configure Dashboard. Click here for specific help on configuring the dashboard.
  • Make sure to add the Enrollment Field "File" to one of the Additional Columns.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Now you will have view of the players that have registered and you will be able to see their hyperlinked file.


Note: the Enrollment Field option for "File" is a Premium feature. Contact if you are interested in upgrading.

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