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How to add a Volunteer Background Check Fee


To create an Volunteer Add-On/Buy Item:

  1. Go to Programs > Configurations > Buy Items.
  2. Click the Add Buy Item button. 
  3. Input the desired data for the Volunteer Buy Item.
  4. Click the Add button. 

 To add Add-On/Buy Item to Program

  1. Go to Programs > Manage Programs and select desired program. 
  2. Click on the 2 Configuration tab and scroll down to Add-Ons. 
  3. Click the Add Add-On button.
  4. For Offering, select "All" or select desired Offering.
  5. For Enrollment Type, select "Volunteer"
  6. For Buy Item, select the Volunteer Buy Item just created.
  7. For Required, select "Yes"
  8. For Allow Multiple, select "No"
  9. Click the Add button
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