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August 4th Enhancements Notification



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For immediate release: August 4th, 2021

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Helene Harris at (916) 822-4800 or (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1

August 4th Enhancements Notification 

Important Information For TeamSideline Customers

TeamSideline will implement the next 2021 release of system enhancements this Wednesday night, August 4th.  If you have any feedback, please email  If you have questions about how something is done, please email

New Content Snippets

In a previous release, we introduced the new Content Editor. In this release, we have added a new Snippet option of clickable images. If you are interested, watch this short video on how to create these linked images:

More Exciting Content Enhancements

We have made enhancements on the Content options that are available to admins to control how your TeamSideline public pages look.

  • There are some new options for the Image Rotator text as well as the option to bold your font:
  • Have your organization’s address show at the bottom of your website by going to Administration > Configurations > General to enable.
  • You can now customize your Site even more with new color options for the Home Page Banner and Button links. Go to Content > Configurations > Site Layout to try it out.
  • If you are using the Minimalist Site Layout, you can now add images/color behind your Home Page components. If you are interested, watch this short video about this cool new feature:

Youth Registration and the 2 Teams Page

We have made an efficiency improvement that should save Admins a lot of time!  For a Youth Registration program, when you initially assign a “Coach” to a team on the Assign to Roster page, the team contact information on the division’s 2 Teams page will be automatically updated.  Our next step is to sync the data for modifications and deletions so stay tuned.

Show Division Stats Right Away

You can now have your division stats display right after you or your coaches enter them with the new Show Stats configuration setting at Schedules > Configurations > General.  We have enabled all sites to “Yes” for this time-saving new option.

Facility Reservation Files

Now during your customer’s reservation of a facility, you can enable them to upload a “file” so that an admin can review documentation that is required for a person to rent a facility.  Go to Facility Reservation > Configurations > Reservation Fields to create the file and then go to the Checkout tab for your facility to add the new Reservation Field to your checkout process.  If you do not have the Facility Module but are interested, please contact for more information and pricing.

Payment Plans – Weekly Option Now Available

For our registration sites, sometimes you like to offer Payment Plans to your customers. Now not only can you offer Monthly or Custom payment dates, you can offer a Weekly payment plan.  Click here for instructions on how to setup a payment plan.  Want Payment Plans added to your site? Email and we’ll be happy to add this functionality to your site.

Customer Override for Your Site’s Boundary

If you have defined a boundary on your site (Programs > Configurations > Boundaries) and you have a customer that can be a part of your program for any reason, you can enable a Boundary Check Override on their account. Go to the customer’s Account Overview page and click the Account Settings button.  Click the Boundary Check Override dropdown, select Enabled, then click the Save button.  An example of usage would be if a player attends school within your organization’s boundary but they live outside of the defined boundary.  Enable this customer and then they can register just like anyone who does live within your site’s boundaries.

New Customer Checkout Transaction Type

For our registration customers, you can now add a new transaction type for your checkout process and call it anything you want – VenmoApplePay or Cash are popular options.  To enable this feature, go to Programs > Configurations > General, change Enable Other? To Yes and add your own text to the Other Label field.  Now when your customers are on the Checkout page, they can select this option vs only Credit Card and/or Checks. But take note, money is not actually collected through this option and it will be up to the site admins to post any money collected through these “Other” means.

Waitlist Option Now Available for Admins

If you place an order for your customers and the Offering is full, admins can now place that customer on the Waitlist.  When you are in the process of adding the “Full” Enrollment to the Cart, click the Waitlist checkbox to make it happen.

Officials Module Enhancements

We have added a few new options to the Officials Module.
* If you are using both the Officials module and General Ledger (GL) functionality on your TeamSideline site, you will now be able to include the GL fields (GL Account and GL Account Description) on the Officials Batch report.  Other report fields added include League Name, Division Name, Game Disposition, and Game Comments.

* Officials and Admins can now block entire locations vs having to block one location at a time.  Officials can go to Officials Management > Manage Blocks, then click the Add Location Block button.  Click the checkbox for each location in the dropdown that needs to be blocked.  Admins can go to the official’s profile, then click the Add Location Block button to make the appropriate selections.

* Officials will now only see their last 30 days on the Post Game Reports page when they initially go to this page.  If they want to see beyond 30 days, they just unclick the checkbox.

* You already have the ability to setup official’s self-registration.  Now you can also get an email notification sent to you after an official has signed up. This article gives you all the details -

If you are interested in adding either the GL functionality or the Officials module to your site, just email to let us know.

Communication Logs

We’ve made a few changes to a couple of the Communication Logs on your site.

  • The Team Site Log located under Communications > Communication Logs now includes all the game and practice reminders that are sent to your team sites.You can search by Sender or To email addresses or even by Team Name within a Date Range of your choice.
  • You can filter the System Log by message type. In Communications > Communication Logs, select the System Log tab. You can then filter the log by making a selection from the Message Type dropdown. Only messages of the selected type will appear in the log.

Admin Activity Log Report

Want to pull a report of all the admin activity on your site? Go to Report > Report Exports, select the Admin Activity Log Report to pull any of the fields that you want. You can select by date range as well as the type of activity by selecting the parameters from the Category dropdown.

Youth Registration – Gender Restriction

Youth registration programs can now restrict offerings by Gender. Now when you create an Offering on the 2 Configuration page, you can click the Gender Restrictions dropdown to make your selections.

Playoff Brackets

If you have two playoff brackets configured for your division, you can now have each playoff bracket have a different label.  Just update the Playoff Brackets 1 and Playoff Brackets 2 fields on the 1 Configuration > Display page.  If you want the same values used every time you create a new division, make the change on the Sports Default page (under Schedules > Configurations).  If you are a Premium customer and want to make a mass change, click the Update Multiple Divisions button on the Schedules > Leagues & Divisions page.

Multi Team Coach (MTC)

Using your coaches’ email addresses setup on a division’s 2 Teams page, TeamSideline sites automatically check for game and practice conflicts for coaches that are in charge of multiple teams.  Sometimes organizations need to turn this off when they are working on their schedules.  We have added a new global control called Multi-Team Coach at Schedules > Configurations > General that allows you to disable this feature if needed.

Import Data Changes

This release we have made updates to the Import Data functionality on the site.  Go to Administration > Import Data to get started.

  • The Enrollee Registration Import now will work with Adult Registration programs. Check out the example import file and PDF documentation to get started.
  • The Adult Player Import will detect if an existing email address is currently one of the customers on a site and then update the associated information that has been changed for that customer.
  • The new Schedule Conflict Import allows you to import team conflicts to the 2 Teams page. Use the PDF and example import file to learn more about this import.

New Calendar Colors

You can now color code your leagues in the admin and public view of your calendars. In Schedules > Leagues & Divisions, select the edit icon next to your league to choose the background and border color of how your games and practices will appear in your site calendars. These selections will update the OrganizationLocation, and Multi Location calendars. Any games or practices in the league will appear as the specific color you have chosen. This new feature is available for all Premium sites. Interested? Email for information about pricing.

Multi Location Calendar

Also for our Premium customers, you can now enhance the public display of the Multi Location Calendar page by showing the selected location details at the bottom of the page.  Go to Schedules > Configurations > General and change Multi-Location Calendar to Show.

Please note that the downtime period to enable these enhancements will be from 10:00pm – 1:00am (Pacific) on Wednesday night, August 4th.

Thank you for using TeamSideline!

Helene Harris
Customer Support
Direct: (916) 822-4800
Toll Free Support: (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1


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For more information:

Helene Harris at (916) 822-4800 or (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1




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