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How To Link Your Team Site To Game Schedules


You can link either the mobile app or web browser version of the TeamSideline Team Site to any game schedule in any TeamSideline Team Site.

When games are scored or game times are changed, you will automatically get the updates on your Team Site and your mobile app.

Here is how you can use this feature:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Team Site Sign In
  3. Sign In -- or click First time signing in to this Site if you have not previously created a TeamSideline account with an email and password to login with. 
  4. Use the Teams tab to go to your existing Team or create a new team by clicking Create Team under the Teams tab.
  5. From your Team Home page, click the Events tab and then the blue Manage Linked Schedules button.
  6. Click the Find Schedules to Add  button to search by Organization and Team Name.
  7. Click the green plus sign to add your team’s events to your team site.
  8. Just click the Team Home to see scored Events -- or the Events tab to make specific game updates like Reminders or Staff Notes.

Once linked, the games will appear as Events within the Team Site.  These same Events will also show up on the TeamSideline Team Sites mobile apps for both iPhone and Android platforms.

Anyone associated to any game schedules in any TeamSideline Site can use this feature.  Why would you want to use this functionality?  Here are a couple of examples:

  • A Recreation Department does game scheduling for your Team and you want the schedule in your TeamSideline Team Site and mobile app.
  • Your district does your league’s scheduling and you can now get these schedules easily added to your Team Site.
  • Your intra-league scheduling is done on a different site – now your Team Site will get the current schedule on any site.
  • You go to a tournament that is run on a TeamSideline site and want the schedules even more easily accessed on your phone or your Team Site.
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