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How to reserve a Facility: Customer Instructions


Note: If your Organization is interested in adding the Facility Reservation module to their site, please Contact Us.

If you Organization has the Facility Reservation module and would like to provide instructions for your customers, send them the "TeamSideline Facility Reservation Instruction Guide" (see attached PDF).

How do I reserve a Facility?

  • Navigate to your Organization’s Site
  • Select the “Facilities” option from the Menu Bar.
  • You can use the Search tools to look up your desired Facility.
    • Or you can select your desired Facility in the below table by clicking “More Info.”
  • Select the desired Area of the Facility you would like to Reserve by selecting “More Info.”
  • For Availability, use the calendar to select the available dates you would like to Reserve.
  • If the date is Available, click the Select option.
    • If the Date is not available, check for a different Date.
  • Once the Date has been selected, click the check box to select a desired Time Slot (If available, you can select Multiple Time Slots).
  • Once the desired Time Slot has been selected, click the Reserve button to check out!
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