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How to Register as an Official


If your Organization is using the Officials Module and has opted to allow for Official's Self Registration, then follow the steps below to register as an Official for that Organization.

How to Register as an Official:

Step 1. Log into your Account/Create an Account

  • Go to your Organization's Home Page and click the Sign In link in the upper right hand corner.
  • Either Sign In, or click the Create New Account option.

Step 2. Click link provided by Organization

  • Your Organization will either email you an Officials Registration link or will provide the link on their website. If you are unsure how to access this link, click the Contact Us button on their Home Page.

Step 3. Register

  • Once you have gained access to the Officials Self Registration Link, enter in the required information. 
      • Make sure to check Use for Assignment Emails box
      • Make sure to check Use for Reminder Emails box

Step 4. Configure Officials Profile.

How to Set Availability and Block Dates:

  • Blocking dates ensures your unavailable dates
    • Any date not blocked, means you are available
  • Click Manage Blocks on home page under Officials Management
  • Click Add Availability Block
  • Add a Start and End Time
  • Choose Recurring or One Time Block
    • If recurring, choose dates, and days within the date range you want to block
  • Enter notes (Ex. School, Vacation, )
  • Click Add

How to confirm Assignments:

  • Click Assignments on home page under Officials Management
  • Assigned games are listed under Pending Assignments section
    • Note: Assignments are based off Availability Blocks
  • Click Green Check Mark to confirm assignment
  • Click Red X to reject assignment
  • When assignments are confirmed, they drop down to the Confirmed Assignment section at the bottom of the
  • Requested Assignments will not be used at this time
  • If assigned with a partner, you can click the Blue Person Icon to view contact info

How to Enter Scores (if your Organization has this enabled):

  • Click Post Game Reports on home page under Officials Management
  • Click the Edit pencil_icon.jpg icon for the specific game you want to enter a score for
  • Choose attendance option
  • Enter score
  • Click Submit

How to update your Profile:

    • Click My Profile on the home page under My Account
    • Update any changed information
    • You may also update email and password in this section
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