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Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Meta Data


It can take a few days or weeks for web sites to get listed in Google and/or other Search Engines.

Search prioritization has many variables, among them meta key words and meta description information in a web site.

  • You can edit these in your TeamSideline Site. 
  • Under Administration > Configurations > SEO, you can configure your site Meta Key Words and Meta Description.

For the Meta Key Words, we recommending including the following words separated by a comma:

  • name of league,
  • city
  • state
  • sport(s)
  • league affiliation

Ex: Rocklin Little League, Rocklin, California, CA, Baseball, Little League

For Meta Description, we recommend providing an About Us statement. 

  • The search engines will usually display this text underneath your page title which is your organization's name.

Ex: The Rocklin Little League is a recreational league established for kids in the city of Rocklin. Practices and games take place at Twin Oaks Park.

You can also increase the Site visibility in Search Engines by increasing the number of hyperlinks to the TeamSideline Site from, for example, your City Site, Recreation and other web sites.

You can also submit your site to be reviewed by Google to update their search engines.  Otherwise Google will get to it when they get to it.


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