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Officials Module - editing and cancelling games


When using the Officials Module it is important for this process to be followed:

  1. The Scheduler should create a schedule.
  2. The Scheduler should finalize the schedule.
  3. Once the schedule is final, the Scheduler can tell the Assigner to use the Officials Module to assign games.  

When using the Officials Module it is important how the Scheduler edits games. 

  • On the Create Schedule page use the chevron icon chevron.JPG on the right side of each game row to reschedule games. 

Note: Do not use the Create Schedule page inline edit options.

Following is a list of what occurs when using different game change methods when the Officials Module is in use.   

Scheduler uses Block a Week:

  • When the Block a Week function is used the assignment updates to the new date and the assignment is shown as Pending to the Assignee.

Scheduler Cancels game:

  • If a Scheduler cancels a game and reschedules it the system sends the Official an email letting the Official know the game was cancelled.
  • The email does not let him know the game was rescheduled.
  • When a game is cancelled and rescheduled, the Officials assignment shows the new date as pending.
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