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Officials Self-Registration


If you are using the Officials Module, you can have officials sign themselves up versus admins having to add them manually to the system. 

  • To enable this feature, go to Schedules > Officials Management > Configurations and in the Self-Registration section, change Enabled to Yes, enter a Registration Code, add in an email address (or multiple ones separated by a comma) in the Registration Copy Email field, and click the Save button. 
  • To “invite” your officials, use the Communications > Send Communication process and once you select the communication list to send to, click the “Links” dropdown in the Email Message and select “Officials Self-Registration” – this will provide the invitees the link to the official’s registration page. 
  • Another option for the "invite" is to add the link to a page on your site using the "Links" dropdown and select “Officials Self-Registration”.  Click the Save button then go check it out on your public page.

Note: Before officials can self register, they must first have created a customer account on your site. This will allow their customer and officials account to be linked by their email address.

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