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How to use the Manage Users Page and control who is an Administrator in your Site


One of the great things about TeamSideline is that you can very easily control who can have Admin access to your Site.  Under "Administration" go to the "Manage Users" page.

How To Use This Page

  • Use this page to define who has Administrative access to your Site, and what kind of access they have.

Buttons and Icons

  • Add User Button - use to add Administration Site Users.  Click the Add User button to add a new Admin user.  Just enter their Name, Email Address and Password.  (Note: When you add the user, if they have an existing password, a message will tell you the user should use their existing password not the password you just created.)
  • Edit Icon - use to edit an Administration Site User information, including Permissions.  You can control the permissions each user has.  Permissions determine what functionality the Admin Site User can use.
  • Delete Icon - use to remove an Administration Site User.
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