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How do I add an Admin to our website?


To add Admin to website:

  • Go to Administration > Manage Users > Users page.
  • Click the Add User button.
  • Add the user's information.
  • For the password, type in their first name with first letter capitalized followed by the number "1" or "11" if the first name is only 3 characters. Add a $ (dollar sign) as the last character.  This type of password will be a 'Very Strong' password since it has both upper and lower case letters a number, and a symbol. 
    • Note: If the new admin user already has a logon to TeamSideline,whatever password you type in will be overlooked and their existing password will be used.
  • Click the Add button.

To adjust Admin Permissions:

  • Click on the pencil icon across from their name.
  • Click on the Roles tab.
  • Check or uncheck any permission and click the Save button.
    • Note: If needed, the new admin can retrieve their password by clicking the Forgot your password? link on the Admin Sign In page or you can email it directly to them.
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