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How to add an Image Map to your Image


How to add an Image Map to your Image:

An Image Map allows you to hyperlink areas of an image to different destinations.

  • Click the Image Map Editor image_map_editor_button.jpg icon.
  • For Choose Image, click the Image Manager Image_Manager.jpg icon to select your desired image.
  • Select desired Image and click the Insert button.
  • For Select Area Shape, select either Rectangle or Circle by clicking the radio button radio_button_II.jpg.
  • Click the New Area button to begin adding an Image Map your selected Image.

Note: you can add more than one Area/hyperlink to one image. Click New Area to hyperlink an area of the image to different destinations, then follow the same steps to create an Image Map on your Image.

  •  Use the resize resize_icon.jpg icon to place your Image Map in the desired position.
    • You can also use Define Area Properties to resize your Image Map.
  • For URL, enter the desired URL destination that clicking the image will lead to.
  • For Target, choose desired way the link will be opened.
  • To Remove a specific Area, click the Remove Area button.
  • To Remove All Areas, click the Remove All button.
  • Click the Ok button when satisfied, or the Cancel button if you are not. 
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