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How do I enroll a Player as a Volunteer?


Currently the site only allows "parents" to sign up as volunteers. To work around this, the player will need to be added as a "parent" to their account in addition to being a "player."

To Enroll a Player as a Volunteer:

  • From the Admin Site Map, click the Customers tab.
  • Search for the Customer, then click on the name of the Account Holder in the search results.
  • On the Account Management page, click the Add Parent button.
  • Enter in the required information for the Player.
  • Click the Add button.
  • Once they are added as a "parent", customers can select their player's "parent" name from the drop down and register them as a Volunteer.

Note: If you would like parents to enroll their "players" as volunteers, then they would add the "player" as a "parent" to their account and enroll them like they would enroll themselves.

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