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Steps for Enabling and Managing an Automatic Waitlist for a Program


You can now setup an Automatic Waitlist for when your program reaches a specific total enrollment number and/or for when each offering reaches a specific enrollment number. 

To set up an Automatic Waitlist:

  • Go to Programs > Manage Programs.
  • Click on the Program’s name and then to the 1 Setup page. 
  • Set Enable Waitlist = Yes and then select the appropriate Fee Handling option – Collect Fees or Defer Fees
    • Note: Once these options are set, decide if you want to set the Max # of Enrollments at the Program or Offering level.
  • To set a maximum number of enrollments for the Program, on the 1 Setup page, set Max # of Enrollments to limit the number of total program enrollments.
  • To set a maximum number of enrollments for each Program Offering, set the Max # of Enrollments for each Offering.
    • Note: In order for a Waitlist to be available for your customers, the Offering must still be open (ie. the registration dates must still be current and not a date in the past).

Once the Max # of Enrollments is met during the registration period, when a customer is signing up the Offering will automatically display WAITLIST.  When they add the item to their cart, the Offering cost will be added or the cost will be zero depending on the Fee Handling option that was chosen on the 1 Setup page.

To Manage Waitlist Enrollments:

  • To view Waitlist Enrollment totals, go to Reports > Report Dashboards > Enrollments or Team Enrollments.
  • Click the Dashboard Configuration button, select the appropriate fields, and make sure Waitlisted Enrollments is selected for Enrollment Status.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • To change a Waitlist Enrollment to an Accepted Enrollment, select the Edit Enrollment link, click the Accept Enrollment button, then the Confirm Accept button.
    • Note: This will automatically send an email to the customer unless you uncheck the appropriate box.
    • Note: To prevent future enrollments for the program from being added as an actual enrollment vs a waitlist enrollment, make sure you set the Max # of Enrollments to a value lower than the actual max value.  This is so that when you have to cancel an enrollment, you will have time to move the already enrolled players from the Waitlist to an Accepted Enrollment without the threat of the new enrollments sneaking in before you have time to perform this task.


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