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Payment Plan FAQs


Q: If a credit card fails during an attempt to take a payment, does the system automatically attempt it again?
A: Yes -- and not just once -- it will try to charge the card 5 times in total, once per day.  After the 5th attempt and failure, the payment plan will be cancelled.

Q: Are automatic emails sent to the enrollee to advise them of the failure?
A: Yes. The emails say {"Your payment due on x (today's date), in the amount of $x (the payment amount) for (player name) for the Program (program name) was not able to be processed. We attempted to charge credit card number ending in XXXX (it shows the real last 4 numbers of the card), but it failed for the following reason: Invalid or Expired Card on file. To change payment information or review the payment plan, click here to sign into your account. For questions regarding this notification, click here to contact "Your Organization".}

Q: Are automatic emails sent to the enrollee to alert them money is being withdrawn.
A: No, automatic emails are only sent when the enrollee's credit card is not working. If you set up your Payment Plans on a monthly basis, you can send monthly email blasts reminding customers about their Payment Plan. Click here for more information on email blasts.

Q: Can our customers change their credit card information?
A: Customers can log into their account on your site, click on the Payment Plans link, and click the (change) link to modify their payment method.

Q: Is our organization charged if a credit card is declined?
A: No, your organization is not charged if a credit card is declined.

Q: Can an admin review the automatic emails that are sent for a failed payment attempt?
A: An admin can see these emails by going to Communications > Communication Log, click the System Log tab, then look for Payment Plan Failure.

Q: Can I cancel a payment plan without it refunding the payments already collected?
A: Yes.  If you cancel a payment plan, it cancels all future collections and does not refund the payments already collected on your organization's behalf.


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