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What does the red flag mean next to an email address?


A red flag means TeamSideline is not sending emails to that email address.  An email filter can be placed on an email address for many reasons.  If you hover over the red flag, the tool tip will provide more information.

Possible block reasons are:

  • Bad - when TeamSideline sent an email it was returned to us.
  • Opt Out - the user used our opt out  (or unsubscribe) link to say they don't want emails from TeamSideline or from a specific organization.
  • Blocked - this is used when a spam filter or firewall is blocking TeamSideline emails for all recipients for a particular domain name or location.
  • Mailbox Full - when emails are returned due to a mailbook being full.
  • Marked As Spam - if the user marks a TeamSideline email as spam in their email client -- we will no longer send them emails. Please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of TeamSideline emails, since marking TeamSideline emails as spam causes our deliverability rate to go down.

Even though a user does not get TeamSideline emails sent to their mailbox due to a red flag/email filter, they can still sign into using the Team Site Sign In button and review their emails under the Communications > Received tab. 

You can remove a filter by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to TeamSideline. 
  2. After signing in, click on your name at the top of the page. 
  3. If there is an email filter associated with your email address, you will see a red flag on the Edit button to edit your Email Address.
  4. Click the Edit button and click the X delete icon to remove the filter.

How To Delete an Email Filter if you are an Administrator:

  • From you Admin Site Map, go to Communications > Email Filters.
  • Type in the email address and click the Search button.  
  • Once the lookup is complete, click the red X to delete the associated filter.
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