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Merging Accounts


Sometimes a customer will enroll using different email addresses from season to season, creating two accounts. These duplicate accounts can be merged with the Merge Accounts feature.

The Merge Accounts feature has two steps, identifying the accounts, then mapping the members. 

Identifying accounts:

  1. Go to each Account's overview page.
  2. Write down the last transaction number in the Transaction history section. 
  3. Go to Customers > Account Management > Search.
  4. Click the Merge Accounts button.
  5. Enter the transaction numbers.
    • Enter the smaller transaction number first -- by doing this, the older account will be merged with the newer account -- keeping the newer information for members.
    • If a customer does not have any transactions but has enrollments, add a Misc-Credit for $1. After merging the accounts, go back and delete the Misc-Credit.
  6. Click Submit.

 Mapping the members:

On the mapping page, align each member from each account by selecting the appropriate name from the drop down.  If the member is not in the new account, it can be created by selecting New from the drop down.

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