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How to setup the Master Program Team Ranking Dashboard



  • The TeamSideline Team Ranking functionality enables Team to accumulate points for attending Tournaments.  Each Tournament can be customized to enable a Team to get a certain number of points for wins, losses and ties. 

How it works:

  • Tournaments are associated to a Master Program.  Usually a Master Program is created for a year or season.  The Master Program contains the Roster for Teams.  Once registered into the Master Program, Teams can register into Tournaments that are associated to the Master Program year or season.  Teams do not have to add their rosters to the Tournament because the roster is already in the Master Program.  So this process makes it easier for Teams to register into Tournaments - and have a single place where they can easily manage their roster in your Site as well.
  • You can customize the points Teams can accumulate for each Tournament.  The total points Teams accumulate can display on a Team Ranking Dashboard page associated to the Master Program.  You can also set a number of points that teams need to achieve in order to "qualify" for Tournaments you might decide to have during the season or year of the Master Program.  The Team Ranking Dashboard page can also show which teams are qualified.

How to set it up:

  1. TeamSideline needs to add the Master Program and Team Ranking functionality to your Site.
  2. Go to Programs > Manage Programs and add a Master Program.  When you add the Master Program choose Team Registration plus Youth Roster Registration or Team Registration plus Adult Roster Registration as the Registration Type.
  3. From the Master Program 1 Setup page
    A) change Enable Team Ranking to "Yes",
    B) change Enable Qualifying to "Yes" and
    C) use Qualifying Threshold to set the number of points Teams need to have to be a Qualified Team.
  4. Add a Tournament Registration Program that is associated to the Master Program. 
  5. From the Tournament Program 1 Setup page change Enable Qualifying to "Yes".
  6. Go to Schedules > Configurations > Custom Points to create custom point configurations -- you can have just one or many custom point configurations.
  7. Go to Schedules > Leagues & Divisions and from the Division 1 Configuration > Scoring page, use the Custom Points drop down to select the custom point configuration you want to associate to that Tournament.
  8. Go to Content > Configurations > Site Pages to add the "Team Ranking" page listed under the Standard pages.  After adding the page to your Site you can rename the page to whatever you want to call it.
  9. When a Tournament is done, go to Programs > Master Team Management and click Update Team Rankings to update the points on the Team Ranking Dashboard. 

Result: Teams will display on the Team Ranking page with points they have accumulated.  When Teams achieve the minimum qualifying points, an icon will display indicating they are a qualified team.

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