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Team Registration Process


These are the overall steps to follow to run your Team Registration Program.

  1. Your Site Administrator adds a new Program under Programs > Manage Programs by clicking the Add Program button.
  2. Select the Registration Type of Team Registration, Team Registration plus Youth Roster Registration, or Team Registration plus Adult Roster Registration.
  3. Review and complete the 1 Setup and 2 Configuration pages.
    Note: When you add Offerings you can have the system auto assign Teams into the Scheduling Division matching the Offering, or, go into an Assignment Pool.
  4. After the previous steps are complete, your Site Administrator can make the Program visible to the Public using the Program Visibility icon.
  5. Team Captains enroll Teams by clicking the Sign In link on your Site and following the Enrollment process for your current Program.  (Enrollments can be input online by the Team Captain or by a Site Administrator as an 'offline' order.)
  6. When your Site Administrator is ready, close Registration by making the Program not visible to the Public using the Program Visibility icon.
  7. Your Site Administrator then creates your League and Divisions on the Schedules > Leagues & Divisions page.
  8. Your Site Administrator follows the Roster Assignment Process to assign registered teams into Divisions if they haven't been assigned already.
  9. Team Captains can sign in and enter roster data at any time.  Note: Team Captains will not be able to update rosters if the current date is later than the last date of the season (ie. the roster will not show up when the Team Captain logs in).
  10. Your Site Administrator can run Excel reports of the roster data.  Reports are found under Reports  > Report Exports section in the Admin Site map.
  11.  Your Site Administrator can lock out Team Captains from editing rosters at any time.  This process is found under the Programs section in the Admin Site map – go to the Programs > Manage Programs page, edit the Program and click the 4 Rosters tab.  Clicking any Lock icon will make the Lock active (gold) and lock out Team Captains from editing the Roster.
  12. You can use the Communications page to send emails to any Roster members who have emails in the system.
  13. You can use the Communications page to get Team Captains to sign up for Text messages that you send out from your Send Communications pages.
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