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How to do a Manual - Refund


If you need to refund a Customer with a Check or Cash, you will want to use the Manual Refund option to show on their account that a refund has been processed so that their account is balanced.

Note: The Manual - Refund option does not refund a check/cash electronically. You will still need to have someone in your Organization cut a check back to the customer.

How to do a Manual Refund:

  • From the Admin Site Map, go to the Account Management > Search page.
  • Input the appropriate search criteria and click the Search button.
  • Click on the correct customer's name from the returned list to go to the Account Overview page.
  • Click the Add Transaction button on the Account Overview page.
  • Select Refund - Manual from the Transaction Type drop down.
  • For Amount, Enter the desired Amount.
  • For Check #, Enter the Check # if desired.
  • For Comments, Enter Comment if desired
    • Note: The Comment entered will be visible to the Customer via their Account.
  • Click the Add button when finished.
  • The account will now show the refund has been processed by check.
  • Your Organization's Treasurer will then be able to cut a manual check to complete the Refund process.
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