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TeamSideline Registration Integration With ActiveNet

The purpose of this article is to give you instructions and tips on how to setup a Registration Program in TeamSideline that is linked to an Activity in ActiveNet.

Synchronization Pulls All Registration Data To Date

The process is built so that all registrations to date in ActiveNet for an Activity are pulled into TeamSideline at the time the integration is “turned on” in TeamSideline for that Activity.  This means the process in TeamSideline can be enabled at any point and still pull in all registrations from an Activity.  So you don’t have to turn the process on in TeamSideline when you open registration in ActiveNet for an Activity.  

Example:  Registration in ActiveNet opens on August 1st.  You can setup the Registration Program that is linked to the Activity in ActiveNet on September 1st or any time after August 1st and TeamSideline will pull in all registrations in ActiveNet since August 1st.

Recurring Daily Sync

The process then automatically pulls registration data from ActiveNet every 24 hours after first being linked.

Team Name

For any Team Registration process, to enable "Team Name" to be automatically pulled from ActiveNet using the API, you must have a ActiveNet Custom Question containing the character string {Team Name} in the Activity you are pulling data from.  The Custom Question must be setup when you first open registration in an Activity to ensure each order in ActiveNet has a Team Name.  The Custom Question does not need to be called "Team Name".  This data will be put in the default Team Name field within TeamSideline for each team that is registered.

Example: The Custom Question can be called "What is your Team Name?" since the question contains the character string {Team Name}

Custom Question

Any Custom Question for an Activity that you want to be pulled into TeamSideline need to have a TeamSideline "Enrollment Field" with the Custom Question in the "Sidebar Text" of the TeamSideline Enrollment Field.  The Sidebar Text needs to be an exact copy of the Custom Question including capitalization and punctuation.  Go to Programs > Configurations > Enrollment Fields to add these in TeamSideline.

Note: It is recommended that the "Field Name" for the Enrollment Field include " - Active" at the end of the Field Name.

Note: The field in ActiveNet we map to Enrollment fields is specifically called "Custom Question", not "Custom Title" or anything else.


Types of Custom Questions

You may ask:
1) How would a radio button question in active be pulled into TeamSideline? What Field Type should be selected for the set up of the “Enrollment Field” in TeamSideline?
2) ActiveNet allows for a multi-select dropdown option. How would this data be pulled into TS and what Field Type would need to be selected for the “Enrollment Field”.

The answer is that TeamSideline can only handle user input and single selection drop down Custom Questions in ActiveNet.   The input or single selection data are imported into a TeamSideline text field (not a drop down field in TeamSideline). 

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