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How to Set the Field Status aka Location Conditions


To set the Field Status/Location Conditions:

  1. From the Admin Site Map, go to Schedules > Locations > Update Condition Status.
  2. To set one overall message, click the Set No Conditions Message.
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. Otherwise, you can use this process for more individual location status':
    • Select the locations you want to have a Condition Status.
    • Scroll down and select the Condition of Open, Closed, or a custom field condition you have created.
    • Set any of the other optional fields.
    • Then click the Update button and the information will display on the right-hand side of your public site.

To add a new custom Field Condition that you can use in the process above.

  1. Go to Schedules > Configurations > Location Conditions.
  2. Click the Add Condition button.
  3. Type in the new Condition.
  4. Select a specific Text Color if you want.
  5. Click the Add button.

You can also turn this functionality off completely by going to Content > Configurations > General and change Show Gadget to No in the Location Conditions Gadget section.

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