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How to add a team or teams to a Division to do Assignments


Before you assign players and coaches to teams, you need to create the team names.

To create team names,

  1. From the Admin Site Map, go to Leagues & Divisions under Schedules.
  2. From the Leagues & Divisions page, you will see a League has been automatically created for your Registration Program.
  3. To add a Division to the League, click the Add Division button, select the League name, type the Division name (U8's, Pee Wee, etc), then click the Add button to add the Division.
  4. In the table of Leagues & Divisions on the page, there is a Teams column.  Click the linked number (a new Division has a zero).  Clicking the linked number goes to the "2 Teams" page.  (It is numbered 2 because when you create a schedule this is the second step in the scheduling creation process.)
  5. Click the Add Team button, type the name of the team and click the Add button to add the team.
  6. Repeat this process to add your teams.  When done, the Divisions and Teams will appear in Step 3 of the Assign To Roster page.
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