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How to Setup Custom Standings


From the Admin Site Map, you go to Schedules > Configurations > Custom Standings to change the standings that display with your Schedules.  You can make an unlimited number of Custom Standings.  You can add them to be sport specific from the Schedules > Configurations > Sport Defaults page. You can also make them Division specific from the Division > Configurations > Display page. 

  1. From the Leagues & Divisions page, click the pencil icon for a Division row,
  2. Hover over the 1 Configuration tab to go to the Configuration Display page. 
  3. Scroll down and choose the "Standings Layout" (the Custom Standings you made) before clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page.)

The Custom Standings page displays a table of your customized standings table for your divisions.  Click the edit icon to make changes to a custom standing.  Click the delete icon  to remove a custom standing.  Note: You can only delete custom standings that are not being used by a schedule.

The Add/Edit Custom Standings page lets you add or modify a custom standings configuration.  You can also change the order of the columns for a Standings Preview.  On the table, place your cursor over the first or header row, press the left button on your mouse, and drag the column to where you want the column to appear.  Notice the two arrows as you move the column around.  Release the left button to place the column in the new location.  Click Save when you are done or Cancel if you have changed your mind and do not want to save these updates.

For example, to add Team Contact (Coach, Captain or Manager) information, click the "Phone" and/or "Linked Email" check boxes to add the phone number and/or email link to the Team Contact name.  You can also change the default "Coach" column heading to anything you want by typing in the "Team Contact Column".

To Apply Custom Standings to your Division:

  1. Go to your Divisions Standing page.
  2. Go to 1 Configuration > Display page.
  3. For Standings Layout, use the drop down to select your Custom Standing.
  4. Click the Save button.
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