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Is there a report for me to track/reference registrations?


You can run an Enrollment Information Report to get details on enrollments/registrations.

  1. Go to Reports > Report Exports.
  2. Click on Enrollment Information.
  3. For Type, select desired Enrollment Type.
  4. Select the Program.
  5. Select the Offering.
  6. There are two Columns:
    • The Column on the right are the current fields that are going to be part of the report.
    • The Column on the left are all the fields that are available to be on the report.
    • Drag and drop columns from the left to the right or use the arrows between the columns to define the report you want.
  7. Set the Export Type to Excel (xlsx).
  8. Click the Export button.

Note: If you would like to save these configurations, click the Save Report button.

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