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Steps needed to send data to the Little League Data Center


The Little League Baseball national organization requires that Little Leagues upload their player registration/roster information each year.  You can complete this by doing the following:

  1. For each division, enter the Division Reporting Code
    • To do this, from the Schedules > Leagues & Divisions page.
    • Go to a Division's 1 Configuration > Reporting page
    • Input the appropriate value (a table of the values is shown on the 1 Configuration > Reporting page).  Important Note: you cannot send the file to the Little League Data Center (LLDC) without this information.
  2. Create the file to be sent to the LLDC. 
    • To do this, from the Admin Site Map, go to Reports > Report Exports > LLB Rosters
    • Export the file and save it to your computer (the default file name is reports.csv).
  3. Click the link on LLB Rosters page (, login, and upload the file you just created as required by Little League Baseball.
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