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Steps Needed to Send Data to JDP for Background Checks


JDP is available for Little League Baseball organizations to upload their background check information each season.  You can complete this by doing the following:

1. Create the file in TeamSideline to be sent for the JDP Background Checks.

  • To do this, login as an admin to your TeamSideline account and from the Admin Site Map, go to Reports > Report Exports > JDP Background Check
  • Select the appropriate Program.
  • Export the file and save it to your computer.

2. Upload the file to JDP.

  • Go to
  • Login with your own JDP login.
  • Click on the “Order” tab and click “Batch Order”.
  • Click on “Browse” and select the appropriate file and click “Upload”.
  • Accept the terms.
  • Complete the upload of the file by clicking on "Import" and "Yes".
  • If you need additional help with JDP, please click the link below for the JDP User Guide.

3. JDP emails your volunteers.

  • Once the records are uploaded to JDP, emails are sent to the volunteers you imported.
  • They will use the information in these emails to log into JDP and complete the application process.

4. You would receive/review the background checks the same way you always do within JDP.

If you need to remove an admin user from your league's JDP account, please email


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