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How to not count all games in the Standings using the Hide in Standings function


If you have Practice games in your Schedule that you do not want to count in the Division Standings, use the Hide in Standings function.

  1. From the Division Standings page, click the Edit Scores button.
  2. Go to the game row you want to not count in the Standings and click the Hide in Standings checkbox on that game row.
  3. Click Save. 

    Game can be scored but the game result and scores will not be included in the Standings.

If you have a game where one team should have the game count in the Standings, but the other team does not have the game count in the Standings, follow these steps.

  1. From the Division “2 Teams” page, click the Add Team button.
  2. In the Team Name field, type in the name of the Team which will not have the game count in the Standings.  Since TeamSideline will not allow duplicate team names in a Division, put a character after the Team name – like “x” – so if the team name was Yankees, you could add “Yankees-x”.
  3. Click the External Team checkbox.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. From the Division “1 Configuration > Display” page, make sure “Show Byes” is set to “No”.  If it is not, then change “Show Byes” to “No” and click the Save button. 
  6. From the Division “4 Create Schedule” page, go to the game row of the game.  Change the Team name of the team which will not have the game count, to the new team name you just added.  When done, click the Calc & Save button.

    Any games with this “-x” Team name will not count in the Standings, and, the team will not display as having Byes in the Schedule since “Show Byes” has been set to “No”.
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