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Advanced Scheduling Process


Advanced scheduling is for larger organizations or those that are scheduling inter-league or cross club play, where home team field needs to be comprehended. Includes auto-assign, which takes field characteristics, availability, and your configurations into account to easily create all the schedules. Advanced game locking, swapping, and audit tracking features included.  It was also built to lock multi team coach games or other games – and enable you can see that on the Multi Location Calendar.

This article explains the steps to follow to setup organization, location and team data for your Advanced scheduling site.

One - Add Associated Organization Data To Your Site

From the Administration "Associated Organizations" page, use the Add Organizations button to add the "child organizations" (Leagues or Clubs) that are within your "parent organization".

Two - Add Location Data To Your Site

You can load in location from the TeamSideline pages in your Site, or, complete the attached Location Details Import file and send it to TeamSideline to load into your Site. 

To use the pages in your Site, from the Schedules "Locations" page, use the Add button to add your Locations.  Then, from the Schedules "Locations" page, click the Pencil Edit icon to edit the Locations to add Game Spacing and Age Group.

Note: Location Game Spacing must be equal to or greater than the Game Spacing on the 1 Configuration > Scheduling page for each division using the location.  For example, if the 1 Configuration game spacing is 1 hour, and the Location game spacing is only 50 minutes, then when you try to create a schedule, the system will not be able to find a location to put the 60 minute games into because the locations game spacing is less than 60 minutes.

Three - Add Location Availability Data To Your Site

You can load in location availability data from the TeamSideline pages in your Site, or, complete the attached Location Availability Import file and load it yourself under Administration > Import Data. 

To use the pages in your Site, go to Schedules > Locations > Manage Locations and click the green Availability icon to get to the Availability page for a specific location.

Update Multiple Locations Button

After your Location data has been loaded into your Site, you can make "mass" updates to location data by clicking the "Update Multiple Locations" button from the Schedules > Locations page.

Four - Add Leagues & Divisions

From the Schedules "Current Leagues & Divisions" page, use the Add League button to add a League.  Use the Add Division button to add your Divisions.

Tip: For larger organizations, we recommend you add Leagues by Age Group and Gender, and the Divisions under them.  For example, add a League of U6 Boys/Lincoln to denote a specific Club, or just U6 Boys if the League is League wide.  Then add Divisions of colors, numbers, or letters within that League.

Five - Add Teams

You can add team data from an Import file process, or from the TeamSideline 2 Teams page in each Division.

If you manually add Teams on the "2 Teams" page of each Division, then select the Associated Organization during this Process so the Team is aligned to the proper "child organization" (This process is done automatically during the Team Data Load file process.)

To use the import process, complete the Team Data Load file (attached and available on the Administration Import page) and use the Team Import File to load in the file.  You can load Teams directly into Divisions you have created, or, use the Pre-Season Assignment page to assign Teams to Divisions.

Six - Scheduling

When the above steps are done, you are ready to schedule. 

  1. Go to the Schedules > Leagues & Divisions page.
  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon for a Division.
  3. Complete the "1 Configuration" page and click Save.
  4. Review the "2 Teams" page and add, edit or delete teams.
  5. From the "3 Time Slots" page, click "Enable Auto Assign" to have the Site automatically schedule games into a day of games during the week.  Select a "Day", and determine if you want to select "Earliest Availability" to have the games scheduled at the beginning of your availability periods.
  6. After completing the Time Slots page, go to "4 Create Schedule" and click Create.
    • Review for any "TBD" locations.  This indicates a team is associated to an organization that does not have a location with availability during the week this team is scheduled to have a home game.  You can change Location Availability (Schedules > Locations > Availability icon) or click the Swap button (blue horizontal arrows) to change where the game will be.
    • There are many edit features on the Create Schedule page that you can use to edit, move, add or delete games.  Use the tables of Statistics at the bottom of the page to help you know the number of home and away games by team, opponent distribution, location and time distribution.
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