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Linked Schedules and Imported Schedules



Linked Schedules Linked Schedules are when TeamSideline links, or publishes, the schedules in one TeamSideline Site to another TeamSideline Site so two Sites (or more) can see the schedules created in one Site.  For example, a Soccer League could create schedules and make them visible in the Club Sites of the League.  Also, a single Softball Site that plays against other Softball organizations could create the schedules and make them available to the Sites of the organizations they are playing against. Linked schedules can not be published to Team Sites -- they can only be published to Team Sites in the Site that created the schedules.

Imported Schedules Imported Schedules are when an Admin for a TeamSideline Site uses the Schedule Import function in the Site to import a schedule into an existing Division in the Site.  The Schedule Import process imports a "CSV" file (csv files can be easily created when saving a file in Excel).  There is a specific file to use for the Schedule import which is available on the Import Data page.   Imported schedules can be deployed to Team Sites.


Linked Schedules Are Dynamically Updated In The Source Site  Imported Schedules are imported one time and then only change if changes are made within the Site the schedules are imported into.  LInked schedules are updated in the Source site they are created in and when the schedules are changed or scored, the new schedule is automatically/dynamically updated in the Site (or Sites) the schedule is linked into.

Imported Schedules Display Exactly As The Importing Site Wants Them Displayed  Since Linked Schedules are not controlled by the Sites they are linked into, the Linked Site can change a Linked Schedule -- the entire Schedule is viewed in the same manner as those controlling the Source schedule wish it to be displayed, including League and Division name.  Imported Schedules can have games deleted, and made to appear exactly as the Site importing the Schedule wishes the Schedule to be displayed.  Thus, instead of linking schedules you could use the “Games” Report Export from the Source Site, remove any rows in the schedule you do not want imported into your Site -- and after that, the Import Schedule feature would only import those games you want to display.

Imported Schedules Can Be Assigned Officials Using The Officials Module  Imported schedules can be assigned officials just like any schedule created in your Site.  Linked schedules reside in the Source Site and only display in the Linked Site so you can not use the TeamSideline Officials Module to assign Officials to Linked Schedules.

Imported Schedules Display Create Schedule Page Warning Messages For Conflicts  Since Imported Schedules are, essentially, Schedules created in your Site, after you import a schedule, if there is game location and time conflict with another schedule in your Site then the Create Schedule pages for both schedules with the conflict will display a location conflict warning message.  Linked Schedules do not trigger conflict messages in Linked Sites -- only in the Source Site.

Team Site Schedules  Imported Schedules can be imported into a League and Division(s) you create in your Site.  You can then publish those schedules to Team Sites just as you would any schedule you create in your Site - but remember, these will be static and will not reflect any schedule changes made on the originating site.  Linked schedules can not be published to Team Sites -- they can only be published to Team Sites in the Site that created the schedules.

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