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How to use the Create Schedule Page "Template" feature


The Premium Site Module includes a Template feature.

From a Division Create Schedule page, before you create a Schedule you can click the Template button and choose an existing Template.  In order for the Template to be invoked it the Division must have the same configurations as the Template.  Those configurations are:

  1. Games Played per Team (on the Configuration Scheduling page)
  2. # of Games Played per week (on the Configuration Scheduling page)
  3. # of Teams (on the Teams page)
  4. # of Time Slots (on the Time Slots page)
  5. the Time Slot "Stack" (on the Time Slots page)
  6. If an Odd # of Teams then if the Time Slots page Odd Team Configuration is set to All Teams Play Every Week or Bye

If the Division you are creating the Schedule in do not match these configurations that the Template was created from you will not be able to invoke the Template.

You can see Templates you have created by going to the Scheduling > Scheduling Templates page.  That page shows the configurations for each Template.

You can create Templates by clicking the Save As Template button on the Create Schedule page after a Schedule has been created.



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