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Adding a team after a schedule has started to a Division that IS NOT linked to a Team Registration Program


Instead of editing the current division, it’s cleaner to create a new division with placeholders.

If you need to add a team after your schedule has already played a week, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new division with the same configurations. 
    1. Note: Do not delete the old division yet.
  2. On the 2 Teams page, click the Add Placeholders button to add the number of teams in the Division.
  3. Add Time Slots.
  4. Create the new schedule. 
    1. Note: There will be yellow warning messages because the old division still exists with the same time slots.
  5. Change the placeholder teams names to the names of the teams that actually played in week one. 
    1. Tip: Since the old division has not been deleted, you can use the “Returning Contact” drop down to quickly find the coach name and retrieve the team name and contact information.
  6. At this point you should have week one completed to reflect the games already played and you should also have one game that involves the additional team.
  7. Change the week of the game involving the new team to a new week. 
    1. Tip: You can click the Chevron icon on the right side of the game row, then click edit and change the week, day, time and location – then click the update button.
  8. At this point you should have your new schedule that includes your new team and the first week should reflect the games that actually happened.
  9. Update the scores of the games that have already been played on your new division.
  10. Delete the old division.
  11. Make the new division visible.
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