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How to Create a Tournament


How to add a Tournament Division: 

  • Go to Schedules > Leagues & Division.
  • Click the Add Division button.
  • For Division Type, select Tournament.
  • Complete the rest of the required fields and click the Add button.

How to Create a Tournament:

1. Set up the Schedule Configurations on the 1 Configuration > Scheduling page:

  • Go to Schedules > Leagues & Division
  • Tournament division - this will take you to the division's Standings page.
  • Go to the 1 Configuration > Scheduling page.
  • For Schedule Type, select Pool Play and Bracket (2nd Bracket if needed).
  • Type in the Tournament Start Date, End Date, and select the Game Spacing.
  • For Pool Play Games/Team, use the drop down to select desired number of pool play games.
  • For Tournament Type, select the desired Tournament Type.
  • Select the Seed Method.
  • For # of Teams, select desired number of teams that will be participating in the bracket play.
  • Click the Save and Next Step button.

2. Set up the Teams and Pools on the 2 Teams page:

  • If needed, click the Add Team button.
    • Enter Team Name.
    • For Pool, type in the name of the desired 1st Pool.
    • Add in any additional team contact information that you want.
    • Click the Add button. 
    • Keep adding teams until you are done.
  • If the teams are already present in the division or you need to separate them into pools, click the edit icon for the team and update the Pool field.
    • Repeat this step to create a 2nd Pool.
    • Now you can drag and drop the other teams to the desired Pool.

3. For Time Slots > Pool Play and Time Slots > Bracket, enter the required number of Time Slots.

4. Go to 4 Create Schedule > Pool Play and 4 Create Schedule > Bracket, click the Create button.

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