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How to set up your Public Multi Location Calendar


If you are currently a Premium TeamSideline customer, you have the ability to view your games and practices on one page using the Multi Location Calendar.  Now you can add a public version of this calendar so your customers can now view it too. 

How to configure your Public Multi Location Calendar

  • Go to Schedules > Multi Location Calendar
  • Click the Public Settings button. 
  • Set all the Location Filters and Display Settings options and click the Update button.

How to add the Public Multi Location Calendar to your Site:

  • Go to Content > Configurations > Site Pages
  • Right click on Menu Pages and select Add Standard Page > Multi Location Calendar
  • This adds the new page to bottom of your pages so just click the page with your left mouse button, drag the newly added page to wherever you want and let go. 
  • Then click the Save button. 
  • Now go to your public page to view the new public Multi Location Calendar page.  

Note: The Multi Location Calendar functionality is available in our Premium package.  Contact if you would like more information about adding this feature.

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