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Sideline Check-In Functions for Symptom Screening and Event Attendance Tracing


The TeamSideline Sideline Check-In functions will enable you to do Symptom Screening and Event Attendance Tracing.  If you don’t have these functions, contact our Support Team about adding it to your Site.

Location Check-In

  • Go to Schedules > Locations > Manage Locations
  • Click on the Check-In icon for a location. 
  • Click on the Enable Check-In button.
  • Select the Form from the dropdown, and click the Enable button. To create your own Form, click here.
  • Click the Print View button to print out a sheet for you to post with a QR code so your customers can quickly scan it, answer a few questions, and enter your facility.
  • Click the Test Check-In button to see what your customers will see.
  • Click the Admin Check-In button to check in your customers yourself.

Reporting the Location Check-In Data 

  • Go to Reports > Report Exports.
  • Scroll down and click Check-In within the Schedule section.
  • Set your Date Range and click the Export button.

Communicating the Location Check-In Link

  • Go to Communications > Send Communication.
  • Select a distribution list.
  • Click the Next button
  • Enter an Email Subject.
  • Type in the Email Message.
  • When you are ready to add the link to a location's Check-In questions, highlight the appropriate text.
  • Click the Links dropdown. 
  • Expand Location Check-In by clicking on the triangle and click on the location's name. 
  • This will add the link to the Location Check-In so all your customers have to do is click on that link, answer the questions, and then check themselves in.


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