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How to import Jersey # data so it displays on your Safe Roster Report or TeamSideline Game Card or Other "Report Viewer" Reports


Safe Roster Print Out under Reports > Report Viewer includes the "Jersey #" of players.  The Jersey # is also on the TeamSideline Game Card and the various scoresheets.

This article explains how to populate Jersey # data into your site if it has not already been added.

  1. As an Admin, create a custom field named "Jersey #" as a two or three character Text field with a category of PlayerCustom Fields functionality is at Administration > Configurations > Custom Fields.  Note: The field must be named "Jersey #" in order for the Safe Roster Print Out and other Report Viewer reports to work correctly.
  2. After the custom field is added, parents or admins can add the Jersey # to the player account.  Note:  You can also setup the custom field to not be editable by parents so that only the league admins can update this data.
  3. If you want to add Jersey #s to the player accounts in bulk, run an Account Information report so you can get the "Player ID - TeamSideline" for each player.  You can find this report at Report > Reports Export .  Note: You probably want to add the Player First Name and Player Last Name fields to this report to help you input the correct Jersey #s.  These two name fields can be removed before the next step.
  4. Once you have the "Player ID - TeamSideline", go to Administration > Import Data and click the Excel icon to open the "Player Custom Field Import" Excel file.
  5. Next, paste the "Player ID - TeamSideline" from the Account Information report and the Jersey # from wherever you have the Jersey # into the "Player Custom Field Import" Excel file.
  6. When the data is in the "Player Custom Field Import" Excel file, click the "Player Custom Field Import" link on the Import Data page to import the Jersey #s.
  7. After the import is complete, the Jersey #s will be visible on the Safe Roster Print Out (Reports > Report Viewer> Launch Report Viewer).
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