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How to use the Coach Data Import

  1. From the Administration group, go to Import Data.
  2. Click the Excel icon on the row for Coach Data Import.
  3. Copy paste the team names, email addresses and cell phone numbers Coach Data Import file. 
    TIP: If you put in cell phone numbers, then when Coaches sign up for text messaging, you will be able to send email and text communications using the Communication lists the Site has created which mirror your Leagues, Divisions and Teams.
  4. When you have finished putting the data into the Coach Data Import file, save it to your computer in a folder you can find it in.
  5. From the Administration group, go to Import Data and click the Coach Data Import link.
  6. Click Select to find the Coach Data Import csv file.
  7. Select the Sport you want to import the data into, then click the Next Button.
  8. On the next page, for any data columns in your Coach Data Import csv file which do NOT have data, select "Blank, Do Not Map" in the drop down for that data column on the right side of the page, then click the Next Button.
  9. If there are errors, fix any errors in the Coach Data Import csv file, save the Coach Data Import csv file, and repeat this process starting with Step #5.  If there are no errors, then click Queue Import.
  10. You will receive an email when the Import is complete.  The email should be received in roughly 5-10 minutes.  You can also view the status of the import by going to the Administration > Import Data page, and clicking the Import Status link.
  11. When the import is complete, you will be able to use the Returning Contact drop down on the Add Team or Edit Team page for any Division (from the 2 Teams page) to quickly retrieve the coach data. 
    TIP: From the Returning Contact drop down, type in the first few characters of a coach last name to quickly find the coach.  Then click outside of the drop down list for the Site to populate the coach data.


Q: What happens if a team contact has the same email address for 2 teams – is he/she loaded in one for each team name?

A: The most recent data connected to an email address is the data that would be loaded.

Q: How long does an imported last in the returning drop down list – does it expire/become hidden?

A: 90 days from import date.

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