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TeamSideline Registration Import Process


Even if you are not using TeamSideline for Youth Player Registrations, you can still import the data from your current registration system into TeamSideline. 

Using the TeamSideline Registration Import Process enables you to use TeamSideline for:

  • Team Assignment Process
  • Scheduling
  • Communications
  • Team Sites

How to use the TeamSideline Registration Import Process:

  1. Create Registration Program.
  2. Create Import Files (Player, Coach, Team Imports).
    • Note: Use the same headers as the provided sample file for a smooth import process. Sample files are located to the right of the Import. Click the Excel icon to view the sample file.
    • Note: Import files must be saved as a CSV file. As such, make sure you search and delete any commas in the file.
    • Note: Make sure the "Offering" column matches the Offerings in your Registration Program.
  3. Import Player & Volunteer Files.
    • For Player Import, use the Enrollee Registration Import.
    • For Volunteer Import, use the Volunteer Registration Import.
      • Note: For more information on importing Player & Volunteer files, click here.
      • Note: No account balance is added to the customers account when the Enrollee Registration Import is used.
  4. Create Scheduling Divisions.
  5. Import Team File.
  6. Assign Coaches & Players to Teams.
  7. Create Schedules.
  8. Publish Schedules to Team Sites.


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