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How to do a Player Custom Field Import


This article explains how to populate a Player Custom Field with data on your site if the Player Custom Field has not already been added.

1. As an Admin, create a Player Custom Field.

    • Go to Administration > Configurations > Custom Fields.
    • Click the Add Custom Field button.
    • Type in the Field Name.
    • Select Player as the Category.
    • Select the Field Type.
    • Type in the Side Description.
    • If this field will be required, check the Is Required checkbox.
    • Select the Public Access - if you don't want your parents to see this information, then select Hidden.
    • Click the Save button.

2. To import the data into your TeamSideline website, you need to create an input file.

    1. Run an Account Information or Enrollment Information report so you can get the "Player ID - TeamSideline" for each player.  You can find this report at Reports > Reports Exports.  
    2. Click the checkbox next to Players or select Type=Player.
    3. Date Range = All Dates
    4. Note: You probably want to add the Player First Name and Player Last Name fields to this report to help you input the correct data.  These two name fields can be removed before the next step.  Move the fields from the left to the right.
    5. Set the Export Type = Excel/Tab Delimited.
    6. Click the Export button.
    7. This file is saved in the Downloads section of your PC.
  • Open the Excel file that was created in your Downloads section, add a column for your Player Custom Field data, update this column with data you want to import for each player, and save the file as a CSV file.
  • Import the data by going to Administration > Import Data and click the link for "Player Custom Field Import".
  • Select the file you want to import.
  • Select the Custom Field from the dropdown list (this should be the same Player Custom Field you created above).
  • Click Next Step.
  • Match up the input fields on the left with your columns on the right and click Next Step.
  • If there are any errors, update your CSV file and start the import over.
  • When the file is ready, click the Queue for Import button.
  • After the import is complete, the data will be visible in each player's account.
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