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How to Cancel/Reschedule Games

  • If a game is canceled and not rescheduled then follow these steps:

  1. From the Division Standings page, click the Edit Scores button.
  2. Scroll to the row for the game and click on the game Disposition drop down list to change the Disposition to canceled. 
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. Result: Game is shown with strikeouts as being canceled.

Note: Canceling the game on the Standings page will not trigger the Game Change emails. Cancellations will need to be made on the 4 Create Schedule page.

  • If a game is canceled and rescheduled then you have two options.

Option 1 - list the game as canceled and add the rescheduled game.

  1. Follow the steps above to cancel the game on the Edit Scores page.
  2. Go to the Division "4 Create Schedule" page.
  3. Click the Add Game button.
  4. Add a game for the teams involved in the canceled game at the week and time slot of the new game.
  5. Click the Add button to add the game.
  6. Review the schedule to make sure it is correct and there are no conflicts.
  7. If it is not correct then you can click the Chevron icon on the row of the game to Edit Game and make the needed changes -- click the Update button in the Edit Game area when done.
  8. Click the Calc & Save button.
  9. Result: Schedule change has been saved.

Option 2 - change the canceled game to a new day and time.

  1. From the Create Schedule page, click on the ‘chevron’ (two blue arrows pointing down) on the right side of a game row, and click Edit.
  2. From the Edit area, you can change the game to any week, day, location or time. 
  3. If you click the Reschedule? checkbox, then the original game will be displayed as being cancelled due to whatever 'choose reason' selection you choose (rainout, lightning, maintenance).
  4. If you click the Highlight Game? checkbox, the new game will be highlighted in whatever color you choose.
  5. Click the Update button in the Edit Game area when done.
  6. Click the Calc & Save button.
  7. Result: Schedule change has been saved.
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